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Review Code in Pull Request

Jarvis Copilot offers a detailed examination of code changes in each file of a pull request. It enables developers to pinpoint issues, provide feedback, and propose enhancements for specific code segments. Additionally, Jarvis Copilot users to convert reviews to comments to provide feedback directly within the pull request. This ensures that the code meets quality standards before merging.

To review code in pull request:

  • Option 1: Review all files in Pull Request (Click on Review All Files Changed Button below the title of Pull Request) (1)
  • Option 2: Review any file in Pull Request (Scroll down to the file you want to explain and click the Review Code Button) (2)
  • The result will be displayed on the lines of code that need to be reviewed. (3)
  • When you find a useful review, you can utilize the Convert to comment feature (1).
  • The comment result interface will be collapsed (2), and the content of the review will be injected into the GitHub comment window. (3)