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AI Translation

Seamless Text Translation

With Jarvis Translate, effortlessly translate any highlighted text by simply clicking the "Jarvis" button. Your selected text is automatically detected, allowing you to translate it into your preferred language in an instant. Once translated, easily copy the text for use in any application or platform with the click of a button.

Translate english to chinese

Translation on Any Input Area

Experience the convenience of Jarvis Translate seamlessly integrating into all input areas. Whether it's a text box, email composition window, or any other input field, the "Jarvis" button automatically appears, granting you access to translation capabilities wherever you need them. Simply click on "Jarvis" to select the Translate feature and convert your text into any language of your choosing.

Chat in any Language

Translate Entire Webpages

Translate entire web pages with just a single click using Jarvis Translate. Whether it's through the browser sidebar's "Web Translation" button or directly from the Translate page, the process is quick and effortless. Unlike other translation tools, Jarvis Translate preserves the original text while seamlessly integrating translated content as inline subtitles. This ensures clarity and readability, enhancing your browsing experience without altering the original webpage layout.