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AI Code Review - Get Started

Introduction to Jarvis AI Code Review Feature

Welcome to the documentation for Jarvis Extension's Code Review feature, a powerful tool integrated seamlessly with popular git platforms (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket). This feature enhances the code review process by providing comprehensive functionalities designed to streamline collaboration, improve code quality, and foster team productivity.

Key Features

You can use Jarvis Copilot to:

  • Suggest title and description when creating pull requests.
  • Generate summaries for pull requests.
  • Provide feedback and review code on pull requests.
  • Detect errors and provide insights into the logical and performance aspects of the code and propose alternative code snippets for improved efficiency and readability.
  • Explain code changed in pull requests.
  • Enable communication and discussion regarding explanations or feedback generated by the application

How is Jarvis Copilot different from existing code review tools?

  • Quality of Code Review and Pull Request Summaries: Jarvis Extension excels in providing high-quality code review feedback and comprehensive summaries for pull requests, ensuring that developers receive actionable insights and contextually relevant information to make informed decisions.
  • Title and Description Suggestions: Jarvis Extension stands out with its feature that automatically suggests titles and descriptions for users when creating pull requests, saving time and ensuring consistency in communication.
  • Code Explanation: Jarvis Extension offers a unique capability to explain code changes within pull requests, helping developers understand the rationale behind specific changes and fostering knowledge sharing within the team.
  • Accessible Review and Summary for Closed & Open Source Pull Requests: Unlike other tools, Jarvis Extension allows users to review and summarize any pull request, even if it has been closed.
  • Review and Explanation for Any File in Pull Request: Jarvis Extension enables users to review and explain any file within a pull request.
  • No Direct Comment Automation on Pull Requests: Unlike some existing tools, Jarvis Extension does not automatically generate comments directly on pull requests, avoiding the proliferation of redundant or inaccurate comments that may negatively impact the pull request's clarity and effectiveness.