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Webpage Reading

Easily access the AI Read feature by clicking the book icon in the chat interface, browser sidebar, or "Read this page" option, allowing Jarvis to thoroughly analyze and summarize web pages for a comprehensive understanding of their content.

Linked Content Navigation

Paste URLs directly into the Read interface to prompt Jarvis to analyze the text content of linked web pages, providing answers to your questions and facilitating seamless navigation.

PDF Interpretation

Upload PDFs effortlessly by clicking "Upload" on the Chat or Read pages, or selecting "Chat with PDF" above the chat box to enable Jarvis to digest and summarize PDF content. Chat interactively with the PDF, and Jarvis will offer AI-powered answers to specific questions while displaying the source for content verification.

Image and Screenshot Analysis

Upload images directly from your computer or drag and drop saved images into the chat pane to prompt Jarvis to dive into their content and engage in conversation with you. Alternatively, use the "Screenshot" button on your browser sidebar or above the chat input field to initiate conversations with Jarvis or perform actions on screenshots seamlessly.