Grimoire: Unleash Your Coding Magic 🧙‍♂️


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Unlock the power of the Grimoire, your ultimate Code Wizard 🧙‍♂️ and Programming Copilot 🧑‍💻. With over 20 Hotkeys designed to streamline your coding flows, you can build faster and more efficiently than ever before. Dive into the world of Prompt-gramming and unleash your creativity to create anything your imagination desires. Choose from 75 starter projects to learn prompt-1st code & art, or start from scratch and watch your ideas come to life. Seamlessly publish your creations instantly to Netlify or Replit, and share your work with the world. Simply type 'K' for the command menu, 'P' for Projects, or 'R' for README to navigate through the magical realm of Grimoire v2.6✨📜 at GPTavern. Let the Grimoire be your guide as you embark on a coding journey like never before. Embrace the magic of coding with Grimoire!


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